Tax services for businesses
We provide international tax planning and tax compliance services to Dutch businesses with cross-border activities and to foreign businesses with a taxable presence in the Netherlands. We are experienced in the following areas:

  • Use of Dutch entities in international tax planning, including advice on income tax treaty planning and tax mitigation opportunities
  • Choosing the right business entity from a tax perspective
  • Choice of acquisition vehicle
  • Cross-border mergers and seat transfers within the EU
  • IP tax planning
  • Transfer pricing analyses based on OECD guidelines and corresponding documentation
  • The use of the Dutch Innovation box, participation exemption, tonnage regime, etc.
  • The use of investment vehicles such as the Dutch Fiscal Investment Institution, (FBI) and the Exempt Investment Institution (VBI) as well as their international counterparts
  • Choice of acquisition funding
  • Hybrid financing arrangements
  • Interest deduction limitation rules in corporate income tax law
  • Cross border transactions and withholding tax issues
  • Secondment, emigration and immigration of staff
  • Negotiation and closing of Dutch APA/ATR advance tax rulings
  • Dutch tax consequences of using offshore companies and trusts
  • Offshore planning using the European Treaty and European Directives
  • Advice on the use of Netherlands Antilles resident companies and the various tax regimes applicable