Soliana Belastingadvies B.V. offers practical tax solutions for businesses and private individuals with cross-border activities.
Each individual and every business is unique. We are here to relieve your tax burden and provide you with peace of mind when it comes to your taxes. For all your cross-border tax queries please contact us. Or even better, dial 020 6370515 and speak to us to see how we can help to relieve your tax burden and tax load.


International Tax Advisory Services & Tax Compliance
Having ambitions abroad or considering using the Netherlands in your international structure? We can assist you. We will provide you with practical tax planning opportunities and tax compliance solutions for your cross-border activities.

Our goal is to provide tailored tax solutions to mitigate your overall (worldwide or domestic) tax burden. Our tax services include:

  • Establishing optimal tax structures
    We have experience and in-depth knowledge on how double tax treaties work and how to use Dutch entities in effective international tax structures. Read more…
  • Transfer pricing
    We provide comprehensive transfer pricing services that permit our clients to minimise tax exposure, defend their Dutch tax return positions, and cope with cross-border transfer pricing practices. We understand “at arm’s length” transfer pricing, how it is treated by various tax jurisdictions, and “best practices” for managing global policies and procedures. Read more…

For more information on our other fields of expertise Read more…


Tax Advisory Services
Soliana Belastingadvies B.V. will assist you with the correct and timely handling of your tax requirements both in the Netherlands and in Europe. We have a good understanding of the latest developments in the field of EU direct taxation and how these affect domestic tax rules in the individual countries of the EU.

We are passionate and creative in finding realistic tax savings. Whether it comes to the cross-border aspects of the Dutch domestic rules on substantial interest shareholdings, special tax rules or compliance with your tax obligations, you will always get practical, transparent tax advice and solutions that will have an added value for your business with no surprises afterwards.

We provide the following services:

  • Tax services for businesses
    International tax planning and tax compliance services to Dutch businesses with cross-border operations and for foreign businesses with a taxable presence in the Netherlands. Read more…
  • Tax services to private individuals
    In addition to business services we also provide tax services to individuals. Read more…
  • Domestic tax services
    We provide tax consultancy and advisory services for businesses and their owners focussing on strategic planning. Read more…


Personal advice
Almost every business decision has tax implications, sometimes with far-reaching tax consequences, either foreseen or not. If you are considering:

  • a new foreign investment,
  • restructuring your business activities,
  • a management buy-in,
  • a second home abroad,
  • sale of your business, or
  • introducing an employee share option scheme,

you should consider the tax consequences. Based on our experience with international taxation we will help you reach your goals and offer you peace of mind when it comes to tax.


Tax burden mitigation
The global financial crisis is forcing governments to reform their economies drastically. Austerity measures lead to profound changes in legislation and tax policy. Therefore compliance with your tax obligations is not always easy.

Soliana Belastingadvies BV keeps track of the latest developments on international taxation and ECJ court rulings, and is therefore able to advise you on ways of utilising differences in tax jurisdictions.
In close cooperation with the local management of your company and external consultants, we ensure that the Dutch tax affairs of your business will be settled correctly, efficiently and on time.

Our motto is “tax payers should comply with their fair share of taxes, but no more than that!”.